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Catherine Browne - Translator

I am an English-French and French-English translator with over thirty years’ experience in translating, revising, and writing in both languages. I am a certified member of OTTIAQ, Quebec’s professional order of translators, for translation in both directions, and a member of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada. You can find my resume on LinkedIn in French (for information in English, please write to me).

My bilingualism and my love of both French and English are rooted in my life experience in Montreal, the city where I grew up in a highly literate English-speaking home while attending school in French from nursery school to cegep. I went to university in France, earning an undergraduate degree in history from the Université d’Aix-Marseille.

Translating in both directions

It is a well known fact that translators should translate only into their native language. I am an exception to this rule: as a result of my life history, I am profoundly bilingual and I translate in both directions. You can see some of the work I have done in both languages here, and if you want to know if I am the right person for your translation job, please feel free to send me a paragraph to translate.

The ability to look at both languages enables me to provide you with a bonus service: a rereading of your original text while I am translating it into the other language. If I see any problems, I will point them out and offer suggestions to make your text shine.

Areas of interest

As a translator, reviser and writer, my chief characteristics are versatility and curiosity. I have spent a lifetime reading and translating in areas that are of compelling interest to me, including history, sociology, political science, urban planning, literature, film, and the visual arts. Over the years, I have also translated a wide variety of documents, from nursing textbooks to municipal by-laws.

Montréal Explorations

I have worked since 1998 with non-profit educational organizations that provide group activities focusing on the history, sociology, politics, architecture, and urban development of Montreal. In 2013, I cofounded Montréal Explorations to carry out this work. More about this here (in French, but write to me if you want to know more in English!).

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