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I take full responsibility for your text so that you do not have to worry about it: you can take care of other things. My customer service is based on communication and respect. It includes:

  • promptly responding to calls and emails;
  • listening to you and doing my best to understand your needs and preferences;
  • always meeting your deadlines.

English to French
and French to English

I provide you with a translation that:

  • accurately and completely reflects your original text,
  • uses your terminology,
  • sounds natural and idiomatic in the target language.

If I notice issues in your original text, I tell you about them and suggest solutions.

If you are publishing the translation in print or online, I am available to proofread the final version free of charge.

Editing and revision

Depending on your needs, I can go over a text in order to:

  • make it shorter,
  • make it more readable,
  • make sure it is internally consistent,
  • make sure a translation is accurate and idiomatic.

I can also make sure that your text has a flawless appearance:

  • I remove errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Proofreading enables me to fix problems like hyphenation and capitalization of titles that tend to arise in the last stages of a project.


Here are some of the documents I can write for you:

  • Summary in French of a report written in English (or vice versa)
  • Press release, article, or blog post
  • Introductory material for your annual report
  • Booklet on your family history

Please call (438-346-1219) or write to tell me about your project. I’d love to hear from you!

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